Eco materials are on the rise in women’s fashion.

eco design using sustainable materials such as cork - high end fashion

Corkor is based in Palmela, Portugal. They make premium bags using eco materials such as cork. Their accessories are high-quality and designed for function. The company has a personal relationship with all their suppliers and everything is made in Portugal. The Corkor team is committed to their workers health and welfare. They spend a lot of time in the factories where their goods are manufactured. They also strive to get to know their workers personally.

sustainable fashion design using cork - handmade luxury bags for women

Corkor Laptop Bags are made of (you guessed it) cork, a highly versatile green material. Every piece is unique due to the natural diversity of the patterns in cork. This laptop bag made of eco materials, features a large zippered back pocket. The inside is lined with dark brown fabric, has a large interior pocket and a cell phone holder. It also features a zippered pocket. The bottom is made of dark brown leather with feet to protect the base of the bag (the jury is still out on weather they use a vegetable dyed or recycled leather, but they could *hint *hint).

This bag is a great example of sustainable design. If you are looking for a materials database and material sources for your sustainable design project, check out the YAEMO materials library. We feature materials such as cork, flooring, plastics, metals, composites, substrates, and much more!